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Prof. Dr. Klaus Bärwinkel Theoretical Physics  email  home
Apl. Prof. Dr. Klaus Betzler Experimental Physics  email  home
Prof. Dr. Gunnar Borstel Theoretical Physics  email  home
Dr. Angelika Kühnle Experimental Physiks  email  home
Apl. Prof. Dr. Manfred Neumann Experimental Physics  email  home
Prof. Dr. Markus Haase Inorganic Chemistry  email  home
Prof. Dr. Michael Reichling Experimental Physics  email  home
Prof. Dr. Michael Rohlfing Theoretical Physics  email  home
Apl. Prof. Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Schmidt Theoretical Physics  email  home
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schnack Theoretical Physics  email  home
Prof. Dr. Hildgund Schrempf Applied Genetics/Biology  email  home
Prof. Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Steinhoff Experimental Physics  email  home
Prof. Dr. Lorenz Walder Organic Chemistry  email  home
Prof. Dr. Wollschläger Experimental Physics  email  home


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Natascha Niermann

Thin films of magnetic metallic, organometallic, and metal-oxo-clusters

 email  home
Anja Hischemöller

Characterization and chemical modification of surfaces and interfaces of colloidal nanocrystals

 email  home
Roman Schnalle

Magnetic properties of strongly frustrated low-dimensional spin systems

 email  home
Huahai Tan

Non-collinear magnetic nanostructures

 email  home
Christian Taubitz

Preparation and Characterization of Ferromagnetic Metal-Oxide Structures

 email  home
Dereje Hailu Taffa

Electrode Surfaces Modified with mesoporous materials

 email  home
Christoph Abé

Structure and dynamics of adsorbed colicin A proteins

 email  home
Holger Meschke

Biosynthesis of a fibrilliar biomaterial and characterization of its properties 

 email  home
Martin Suendorf

Preparation and Characterization of Ferromagnetic Metal-Oxide Structures

Zhijun Yi

Theory of molecule-surface interaction

 email  home
Loji K. Thomas 

Self-assembly of fatty acids on HOPG

 email  home


Associated Students

Name Project Email Homepage
Mirko Brüger Is the magnetic molecule Ni4 showing magnetostriction?  email  home


Name Project Email Homepage
Mohammed Allalen Magnetic properties of deposited polyoxometalates  email  home
Ioana Lavinia Bradeanu Size effects in transition metal clusters  email  home
Gheorghe Sorin Chiuzbaian Electronic structure and magnetism of selected materials    home
Tesfaye Hailu Degefa Electrode surfaces modified with thin layers of electroactive dendrimers  email  home
Dr. Roberts Eglitis Theoretical Physics  email  home
Matthias Exler Approximative Beschreibung antiferromagnetisch gekoppelter Moleküle im Heisenberg-Modell  email  home
Maher Izaaryene Synthesis and structural characterisation of vanadium substituted monoorganotin-polyoxo-compounds  email  home
Dr. Roman Flesch Experimental Physics  email  home
Mayur Kumar Kajla Synthesis of chitosan layers on various surfaces  email  home
Karsten Küpper Magnetic oxides investigated by X-ray spectroscopic techniques  email  home
Burghard Lutter Amperometric bio-sensors based on surface modified electrodes  email  home
Fatiha Ouchni Magnetism of doped copper chains  email  home
Isabella-Ioana Oprea Linear and nonlinear optical properties of borate glass ceramics  email  home
Sergejs Piskunovs The Electronic Structure of Perfect and Defective Perovskite Crystals: Ab Initio Hybrid Functional Calculations    home
Manuel Prinz

X-ray spectroscopic and magnetic investigations of selected manganese-containing molecular high-spin complexes

 email  home
Prof. Dr. Eckart Rühl Experimental Physics  email  home
Prof. Dr. Hans Reuter Anorganic Chemistry  email  home
Prof. Dr. Marika Schleberger Experimental Physics  email  home
Jens Schütte

Abbildung organischer Moleküle auf dielektrischen Oberflächen

 email  home
Oleg Sychev Self-assembling of small metal clusters on ferroelectric surfaces    home
Krzysztof Siemieniewicz Studien zur Erkennung und Biogenese von Chitin mit Hilfe des Streptomyces olivaceoviridis chitinbindenden Proteins CHB1  email  home
Prof. Dr. Sylvia Speller Experimental Physics  email  home
Albert Takacs Photoelectron spectroscopy on metal-organic compounds  email  home


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